Poptastic Popcorn! WP16

poptastic.IMG_4162 Photo by: Me!

Hello world! So sadly, this is the Sweet-16-Last-Weekly-Post of this year!!! Hopefully, I will be able to continue posting over the summer, but I am not sure if I will remember to post and if I don’t post for awhile, my teacher will delete my blog. Now let’s get into this post’s topic!

So for my last post, you may have noticed the title is called “Poptastic Popcorn!” which is my new business! I am making bags of gourmet popcorn in different flavors and the starting price is $3.50! I have one flavor released which is Cookies and Cream! I am coming out with these two brand new flavors: Smore’s Popcorn and Sweet and Salty Popcorn!!! These flavors should be out shortly, a week maximum. You can order today by emailing me at poptasticpopcorn@gmail.com Just let me know what flavor, and how many, and I will get back to you as soon as I can! I hope you all try it and enjoy! Have a great day and I hope I will get to post at least one more time!!!